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Welcome Everyone!/Bienvenidos a todos! Thank You! Gracias!

Welcome to your guide for a city tour in Barcelona. The author of this site was able to experience the city as the tourist and would like to share with all of you, who has needs, in knowing what's in or out, or what's advisable or otherwise. Please feel free to post your question and enjoy navigating the site and searching what you want to/need to know.- Roj

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Travelling with Spanish Rail from Reus to Barcelona (Sans Station)

old style train caricature for travelling in train from reus to barcelonaIf you are thinking that the trip on board the Spanish rail from Reus to Barcelona was perfect, because of what you read here, please think twice. I mentioned in that post that it was a great ride as I am an optimistic person. If you are not like me, I don’t think you would like it. Honestly, I am optimistic but I am also rational. Since I am sharing with all of you my experience here, I should tell you the truth to guide you and to make you ready of what you are going to face when you take one someday.

True that I enjoyed the seeing the fields, the long shorelines, the graffiti'd walls and other stuff but I also had the following:

1. Unpolished train
2. Very chaotic and noisy (every Spanish passenger seemed to be on their phone with someone to discuss stuff)
3. Not functioning toilet

I don't complain a lot but a dirty place is a stinky place as well. When there's a lot of dust, no place is clean, etc, one cannot relax and is anxious to get out of the train. The good thing, there was the scenery that takes my attention.

I am not against telephone use in public. However, mobile phone users should at least have a bit of respect and consideration to others around. Use your phone but modulate your voice so that others would not be disturbed!

Hours of travel without toilet? The worse thing, there was no notice that the toilet was not working. We sat very near it so we were obliged to tell everyone who waited for the door to open that such door would never open as it was not functioning!

My conclusion? It was not bad but it was not perfect at all. It was a good blend. And what can I say? It's still worth it, it's cheap after all and the weather is really nice and Barcelona is beautiful! Enjoy your trip and enjoy Barcelona!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Cost of Food Drinks in Bars and Cafeteria in Barcelona

Generally, products in bus or train stations are far more expensive than the regular one. That may be true also in Barcelona but since I found the prices cheaper than Netherlands prices,(where my flight came from) I did not bother sitting inside the Reus station cafeteria and biting some locally made sandwich and a having a cold bottle of bubbled/carbonated water. It was warm at that time with at least 30°C so it was really a need and after all, it was nearly 1 PM. The cafeteria is situated in front of the ticket teller/desk.

bar and cafeteria cost in Barcelona, train station eatery, train station bars and cafeteria products in Barcelona
...the cafeteria as seen standing near the ticket booth/teller...

I usually do not buy stuff in stations or in cafeterias while traveling both for safety and price considerations but it was inside the station and was cheaper and was full of customers and so I let myself in as well. It also allows smokers to smoke and since my companion was a smoker, it suited both of us.

bar and cafeteria cost in Barcelona, train station eatery, train station bars and cafeteria products in Barcelona
...this is where the ticket booth is...

Be careful with your trip though: you may forget the time cause by time difference or any other stuff, just be careful. But in case a train stops by, it is visible from the cafeteria/bar and a quick dash will still allow you to reach your train in case that certain trip is the trip where you should be in.

bar and cafeteria cost in Barcelona, train station eatery, train station bars and cafeteria products in Barcelona
... the counter of the cafeteria.. i dunno who is that person ordering...