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Friday, September 18, 2009

Reaching Barcelona From Reus Airport Tarragona

Arriving at Reus Airport- What To Do? - Flying to Barcelona has three major possibilities of landing that I know of: Girona airport, Reus airport, and the Barcelona proper airport itself. We chose to arrive at the Reus airport and it was not a bad experience after all. We arrived at around 11:30 there on a Saturday and the tourist information desk, at the right side, around the exit to the bus stops, is very helpful. We were guided as what to take and what to do to reach Barcelona. It is still a couple of hours totaling the waiting time and the travel time.

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa
Marker "A" is the Reus Train Station while marker "B" indicates the Reus Airport... Just continue reading to perfectly understand how to reach your destination and for some tips...

Hispano Igualadina schedule, how to reach barcelona from reus, transportation from reus airport to barcelona

Direct Bus from Reus Airport to Barcelona
Above is the schedule of a bus comapany called Hispano Igualadina that transports passengers to and from Reus Airport to Barcelona Sants stacio. Please take note that if you go and visit the site [click] http://www.igualadina.net you can download the schedule that may look similar to the screenshot of the trips' schedule that we downloaded for our own use above. Be sure to read the legends: the colors indicate if a trip is daily or only on certain days. When we arrived on Saturday noon, we had to take the train instead as there was no bus that goes directly to Barcelona from Reus airport on that certain time.

Taxi Service at Reus Airport
There are taxis near the bus stops at the exit of the airport but be careful. They usually take passengers to the train station and NOT to Barcelona unless you make it clear and be very clear with the fares.

Rail Transport to Barcelona- It was Partly Fun!
Since there was no bus to Barcelona, we had to reach therail station from Reus Airport. In fact the tourist desk, once you ask will give you the following information:
1. Schedule of the next bus to the rail station - printed and she marked it for us
2. Schedule of the train to Barcelona

The fare from Reus Airport to the train station is/was €4,60 for two persons or €2,30 per person. Then, the rail fare was like €7-something for each person. It was NOT expensive. Don't be disappointed.

Look at the Positive Things in Life- the bright side of stuff...
You may think it's a waste of time or something if a rail transportation is utilized. "Traveling is not only about the destination but the journey itself", thus, be glad. We wanted to take the direct bus to Barcelona but unexpectedly, we took the train. And what we had? We saw:
1. The country side
2. A bit of planatation
3. Mural expressions of the locals (it might be grafitti but it gives identity to the place/country)
4. Long shorelines... much much of beaches (that was really relaxing)

See? It was beautiful to hear Spanish conversations around, feel the country and just feel the flow. Thus, travelling by rail, and delaying the schedule a bit for arriving in Barcelona is not that bad. Just enjoy your "journey".

Timetables and Prices of renfe (the train) from Reus to Barcelona
Bus download airport bus schedule to Reus Center

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