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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Most Economical Flight Barcelona

For Europeans, using ryanair is very common. It is one of the most economical means to reach a destination in many parts of the continent. Ne careful however, as if you fly from Europe going Barcelona, the basic fare is not what you pay. There are a lot of add-ons when it comes to ryan air (or any other airlines if they show the difference between the basic fare and the final bill to the passenger). If the passenger wisher to board first, priority boarding can be purchased... or even urination within the flight, the passenger is required to shell out some amount.

In my case, we had our departure from Dusseldurf Weeze as I live in Netherlands, and the flight landed in Tarragona airport, Reus. Since ryanair ask not so much for a fair, expect to land on a low-cost airport as well, more often than not, (or it might even be all the time) the departure and landing are in airports far away from the city.

Be guided on the additional fees in a sample flight query screenshot I display here. If I can find the screen shot of my boarding pass, I will post it here as well. Visit www.ryanair.com for your flight queries.

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Take note
1. The use of credit card has a fee of €10 per passenger
2. Use Visa electron to avoid extra charge
3. If you are fast and not a shy person, no need to pay for priority boarding- others who do not even have priority boarding also board before those who have paid (like us) the fee of €6 each to board before the others.
4. Be wise; since you want to save, don't miss your flight.
5. The non-EEA passengers' desk, they are very efficient (I am not sure if effective though) and quick in checking those Non-EEA passengers. My salute to you, ryanair personnel!

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